LiveAct & DJ (Head of Sun Department Rec.)


STYLE: Psychedelic Trance / Nightpsy


Chrizzlix, born and grown up in Hamburg, Germany. Audio-Engineer, founder of Sun Department Records and part of the organizers crew "Freunde der Sonne"
The passion for electronic dance music was already developed at the age of 15.
After a while he got more and more interested in the music and not just in the parties and people, so he started Dj'ing and producing.
After releasing his first own songs and many DJ-Gigs in and around Germany, while playing with famous acts like Skazi, Bubble, Talpa, Pribe Painkiller, Sun Project, Perceptors, Kularis, Morton Granau, Haldolium, , Mixmaster Morris, Star Sounds Orchestra Slackjoint, Hyperion, Solaris, Dirty Saffi, -Z- and many more, he just started his new Liveact with uplifting full on psytrance with offbeat- and progressive elements, deep basslines and driving percussionlines.





  • Planetary Motion (EP) --- Triptychon Records (2013)
  • Walk The Lune (EP) --- Sun Department Records (2015)
  • Chaos Theory (EP) --- Geomagnetic (2015)
  • Purple Dimension (EP) --- Sun Department Records (2016)
  • Flying Monkeys (EP) --- Sun Department Records (2016)


 Tracks and Remixes on Compilations:

  • Invisible Handcuffs: Full Activity --- Sun Department Records (2013)
  • Head Blow: Sun Department Vol.1 --- Sun Department Records (2014)
  • Acid Effects: Sun Department Vol.2 --- Sun Department Records (2014)
  • We're Young: Dipavali --- Sun Department Records (2015)
  • The Assault: Sun Department Vol.3 --- Sun Department Records (2015)