STYLE: Psychedelic Progressive Trance


It does not take many words to describe him because he is one of the most famous DJs from Hamburg - Germany and a longtime member of the Sun family.


Sebastian Stubbe also known as Bazooka was born and grew up in Hamburg. As child he was addicted to these chewing gums called "Bazooka Joe"and from this came the artist's name. He developed musically in this northern German city together with friends with whom he shared his passion for psychedelic music. All this began in 2000 when he became part of the crew "Freunde der Sonne" (Friends of the sun). After having gathered a long-time journey with diverse events and experiences, some different label memberships now he has finally returned to his friends and his musical home. 


In 2012, he developed the legendary "Spirit of Moksha" party series, which regularly takes place and the number of fans of these great events is increasing year by year. Many national and international performances have shaped his previous career. This trip is still far from over because he is full of energy and new ideas for the future. He lives for the music - you feel and hear it when he is on stage and submits his psychedelic stories with driving beats and breathtaking spherical and spiritual sounds. As one of the most experienced members at Sun Department Records, you can expect first-rate sets!