Style: Psychedelic Trance


Elektro-Punk is Jörg Bender from Bremen, Germany. In 2000 he began to produce his own tracks, based upon this "bored beyond believe" -stance.

He wanted to begin something fresher in music, something newer, something thrilling and something "that's way more exciting than the pieces that the DJ's were playing at this time".

It's about powerful and dirty Psytrance, based on his "rude innerself". And this is the result of working on his very own style which carries you off into his world between Space-Funk, queakie Sounds and groovy uptempo-beats.





  • The Swag (EP) --- Clock Form Records (2011)
  • Rude (EP) --- Clock Form Records (2011)

 Tracks and Remixes on Compilations:

  • The Louder Silence: V.A. Pappedelic (2013)