STYLE: Psychedelic Trance


Genetic Source a.k.a. Stefan P. is a producer and LiveAct based in Kiel, a beautiful city of Northern Germany where he lives since 2015. Born in Germany in 1983, his roots are in Hungary. His early musical influences come from all genres of electronic music including Hardcore, garage Metal, Punkrock and later on, even a little Hip Hop and Rap music.


One day, a friend invited him to listen to Goatrance. That was in 1998. His first Psytrance party came one year later at a Freunde der Sonne (FDS) event in the famous Hamburg location Old Gaswerk. He had his first experience with Djing at home in 2001 and half a year later, he started producing Psytrance. Until yet, he has been absent from the scene since 2003 although never lossing his love for Psytrance and for the spirit of our way of life. Now he is back and fully inspired to produce his own special kind of Psytrance. The style of his self-produced tracks is Psychedelic Trance. It ranges from 138 bpm to 148 bpm.