Style: Psychedelic Trance / NightPsy

OctoGoat is the project of the young musician Dustin V. from Mönchengladbach.

At age 15, he started his music career as a guitarist in a hardcore punk band. In 2013, he attended his first PsyTrance Party and was overwhelmed. For him as a musician it was pretty clear that he also wanted to be musically active in this scene. As a DJ, he already made a name for himself regionally and nationally. The fact that he has accompanied some tracks in his sets live with electric guitar, he stayed with many people long in memory.

After several hours, weeks and months in the studio, he is very happy to be able to present his music as a live act since this summer. On the 11th of July he already celebrates his second release "Own Reality" which will be released on the label Sun Department Records. Soundwise, he sends you through powerful full-on to driving NightPsy. Here he continues to selectively use his electric guitar to keep the energy on the dancefloor upright. Don't miss Octogoat!