Live Act

Style: Psychedelic Trance


S.U.N. PROJECT was the best known psy-trance-act from Germany. They were the pioneers of guitar-trance and between 1996-2011 they released 13 studio-albums. But since founder and original-drummer McCOY left that band in 2011, the original SUN PROJECT line-up doesn´t exist anymore. From 2011 drummer McCOY started his “McCOY´s SUN PROJECT” together with the amazing guitar-player SLAG (Gregor Schubert). SLAG was popular because of his hard-as-rock guitar-riffs and his extra ordinary stage presence. He was most influencing the new sound of the band. Their common album “KILLER” was mixed by SLAG and together they played uncountable merciless thrilling live-performances worldwide. SLAG left the band in 2018. So 2011-2018 we can call the “SLAG-era”. 2019-today: To keep the unique live-show-concept of playing “real instruments” (drums and guitars) alive, McCOY started to work with several guitarists, like ANDY ARROW (ex-C.O.N. SEQUENCER) and Nils Finkeisen (Die KRUPPS). Breaking new grounds in combining full-on-psy-trance with the hottest sounds in todays electronic music, flavoured with stunning heavy-metal-guitar-riffs hard as bone. Those who liked Sun Project will love “McCOY´s S.U.N. PROJECT”