Style: Psychedelic Trance


Midiride is a producer duo from Stuttgart, Germany. They both suffer from a severe addiction to transforming the spirit they absorb in the psytrance scene into colourful tracks. Playing with experimental and profound soundscapes, they take you on a trip through deep inner galaxies - if you let it happen.


After eons of floating through experimental spaces, Midiride is ready to bless the scene with their unique sounding idea of psytrance. Make sure to stay tuned for upcoming releases and liveshows, and eat fresh fruit and veggies every day.




  • Expressure (EP) --- Sun Department Records (2015)
  • Think Out Of The Box (EP) --- Geomagnetic (2015)
  • Luminous (EP) --- Sun Department Records (2015)
  • Mode Of Perception (EP) --- Sun Department Records (2016)
  • Blustering Fragments (EP) --- Sun Department Records (2016)

 Tracks and Remixes on Compilations:

  • Surf 'n' Sun: Welcome To Utopia Vol.2 --- Spirited Records (2014)
  • Boom Pow Wow: Sun Department Vol.2 --- Sun Department Records (2014)
  • Decorate Time: Dipavali --- Sun Department Records (2015)
  • Hear You Later, Arpreggiator: Fresh Horizons --- GOA Records (2015)
  • Certain View: Sun Department Vol.3 --- Sun Department Records (2015)
  • Sonic Prophecis: Black Forest Spirit Vol.4 --- Galama Records (2016)