LiveAct & DJ

STYLE: Psychedelic Trance / Twilight


PSYCOBOLD is Tobias Mohaupt from a small town called Einbeck, in Niedersachsen, Germany. Born in 1982, music was always an important part of his life. During his youth he was a fan of Heavy Metal tunes, so that he started playing the drums at the age of 14. He practised for four year at the Musical School in his home town. Also he started to learn playing guitar a little bit. During the following years electronic music became more and more interesting for him until he gave his heart to the Psychedelic Trance Music at the Age of 18.

From that time on, he visited a lot of parties and became a part of the Psytrance scene in Germany. In 2004 he started Djing and began to explore Music Production Software. Over the time he had gigs all over Germany until he had a break in 2010. Parallel to that he started to experiment with production Software to create his own sound. So in 2012 he first released some Psytrance Tracks that were worth releasing. From that time on he focussed on producing his own Tracks, but he never stopped to be a DJ. Since 2013, Tobias is a member of Sun Department Records. He mainly produces music but still has a lot of fun playing a DJ Set at Parties, some time.
The style of his own tracks are psychedelic trance with a high influence of twilight and dark psy. His tracks are equipped with very driving bass lines. There are also very playful leads and sci-fi samples to carry you into a higher dimension if you let it happen. The drums are most of the time present to show you the path throu these mystical worlds full of sounds. In 2013 his first debut track "Digital Traveller" was released on the Compilation "Full Activity" and in April 2014 he released his first three-track E.P. "All Suns' Dawn" on Sun Department Records.
His favourite style for his DJ-sets reaching from melodic Full On to Forest Psy and Twilight, but also some good Progressive Psytrance which didn't follow the typical OffBass Pattern.



  • All Suns' Dawn (EP) --- Sun Department Records (2014)


 Tracks and Remixes on Compilations:

  • Digital Traveller: Full Activity --- Sun Department Records (2013)
  • Chasing Squirrels: Sun Department Vol.1 --- Sun Department Records (2014)
  • Distorted Space: Psychedelic Moments --- Fantastic 5 Records (2014)
  • Mind Tricks: Sun Department Vol.2 --- Sun Department Records (2014)
  • Sunlight Fractal: Dipavali --- Sun Department Records (2015)
  • Rubber Brain: Sun Department Vol.3 --- Sun Department Records (2015)