STYLE: Psychedelic Trance


Psylarix is a psychedelic trance project by Thomas (Psy-To-Delic) and TBone (Hazocybin). 2013 they met for the first time at a Goa Party. They talked for a while and they quickly realized that they had musical and human lot in common and well understood at first attempt. Spontaneously they decide to play their two solo DJ-Sets in one b2b-set. For both felt it like they played together since years and so they decided after the set, which the two talented artists really enjoyed, to combine this harmony in a new project. Psylarix DJ-Team was born!


Since that day they played most of their sets together and created their impulsive sound over this time which etablished itself especially in 2015 at the Psy-Trance scene in Hamburg - Germany. This successful uptrend Psylarix will confirm in future and further expand. To help this 2016 included the entry into the label "Sun Departmend Records" and the first release is coming soon!