STYLE: Psychedelic Trance


Christopher K. alias PsyLeik was born 1989 in the northeast of Germany. His first experience with the Psychedelic Trance scene was 2004 at the legendary Ov.silence Festival. Since then, he was infected in this kind of music. At the age of 16 years Christopher moves in the psycity Hamburg where he was founded a little Crew called "RumpelPumpelCrew". As Promoter and Co-Founder of this crew he organized different events in the north of Germany with national and international acts. In this time his DJ project PsyLeik was born.


The style of PsyLeik switches from melody Psy-FullOn to heavy full power Trance for the night time. PsyLeik Dj sets are typically at 143-145 Bpm but sometimes it can be a bit a faster or slower, depending on the crowd and daytime. In the past he played DJ set with known Dj's from Nutek Rec. like Squee or Wedanta, and hamburger resident acts like Chrizzlix or his old Partner Mr. Terrestrial. He Played in different places in north Germany but specially in Hamburg and in the area around Schwerin.


In the Year 2013 PsyLeik takes a little break in the scene where he started a new project. In 2014, he founded with his new partner the Shining Festival. They started a small festival with little entry fee, with the feeling of a small family party and the quality of a great festival like the other German events. Since 2016 PsyLeik is member of the Hamburger Psytrance Label Sun Department Records, the perfect partner for his good quality music.