DJ & Producer

STYLE: Psychedelic Trance / Twilight


Psynatix is a combination of two DJ's, their names are Christian and Rico from Hamburg - Germany. The beginning of the Psynatix-Project was in 2008 with Psychedelic Sound. In the meantime they have played at many Partys in Hamburg and the surrounding area. The interest in electronic music began already in the 90`s with music of Depeche Mode other bands they make music with synthesizers. In the mid 90 `s was the techno music that was played at many parties and also the first psychedelic party was gone far... 2006 they came in the psychedelic scene and they began to play the psychedelic sound. The music and the style of this two young talents is to play psychedelic sound´s with hypnotic influences, magical atmospheres, deep organic sound´s and basslines between 143-150 bpm.


  • Forest Way (EP) --- Sun Department Records (coming soon)

 Tracks and Remixes on Compilations:

  • Lost in Space: Full Activity --- Sun Department Records (2013)
  • Illusion: Dipavali --- Sun Department Records (2015)