STYLE: High-Tech-Psychedelic Trance / Dark-Psy


His Name is Ramón aka DJ RaaMoon or DJ Isramon. He grew up in Eastern Germany and later he moved to Hamburg where he started to party and now he`s djing psycedelic music since 1999. Together with his good old friends from "FreundeDerSonne [FDS]" they are organizing psytrance partys in Hamburg & Northern Germany for more than 15 years now. He learned and start loving djing with Turntables (what about he is still thinking it`s the true and real art of mixing) but he also enjoy every minute behind his cd-players. He always played what he like, and so far it was always well received by the people.

From israeli FullOn over Night-Psy as DJ Isramon up to High-Tech Psychedelic Trance and Dark-Psy, what he is playing under his Artistname RaaMoon. His DJ set `s are ranging from 144 bpm up to 200 bpm of finest psychedelic high-tech sound and from israeli FullOn over Night-Psy to High-Tech Psychedelic Trance and Dark-Psy, where he has now descended. His DJ set `s are marked by 144 bpm up to 200 bpm finest psychedelic high-tech sounds. Since 2013 he is a member of Sun Department Rec.