New Sample Pack:

Stealth - Psytrance

Titel: Stealth - Psytrance | Sample Pack /// Zenhiser


Artist: Chrizzlix & Tophoo


Release Date: 08 October 2020


Chrizzlix & Tophoo just released their brand-new samplepack on Zenhiser!

After lots of studio work they can now present over 5 GB (more than 500 samples, midis and loops) of Progressive Psytrance rhythms, melodies, chants, basslines, vocals, beats and synths to improve your production! You’ll be introduced to a unique array of gated vocals, multi shot synth hits, evoking synth loops, army tight beats, evocative pads and everything in between.

So if you’re in need of assistance with your Psy bangers, listen to the preview and look no further!