Style: Psychedelic Trance


TALI BABA is a psytrance dj from the desert land of Saudi Arabia. Psychedelic Trance has been his passion since 2009 when he experienced his first outdoor psytrance festival in Lebanon. Since then he fell in love with this music and the scene's culture.


He plays in the underground scene in the desert land, he also played in Goa, neighboring countries Bahrain and Oman, Lebanon, Costa Rica, Nepal, Indonesia in Bali and Gili Air island, Germany and Egypt. The style Tali Baba plays is always infused with melody and groove whether it's Day or Night music, a journey in Trance is what is delivered. Tali Baba has been an active participant in the psytrance scene in the middle east for many years now , especially in the gulf countries neighboring Saudi. He has shared the stage with some well reputed names in the psytrance scene such as Arjuna Bayawaka Brainwash Cyber Dragon Daksinamurti Dirty Saffi EVP Kabayun Kabadrop Kikx Meerkut Parasense Psychogenesis Psymmetrix Shiva Om Sonic Species Spore Sutekh Trailoka Tryambaka Xhamanik Ritual.