New Release:

V.A. Spheres of Life - compiled by Finndus

Titel: Spheres of Life


Artist: Various Artists


Release Date: 16 January 2020


“Spheres of Life“ is the first creatively arranged compilation by FINNDUS. The idea was to skillfully connect pumping and melodic progressive psytrance day sound and crisp & clear psychedelic night sound. It‘s to show the paralleled relationship between the broad spectrum of Psychedelic Trance and the spheres of life. Released by Sun Department Records, thirteen artists from across Europe were hooked by the idea and transformed their thoughts into sound! “Spheres of Life“ features MAKIDA, SLAVA, CHRIZZLIX, PSYFICTION, OCTOGOAT, TRANONICA, AFFREQTIC, PSYFONIC, STRANGE PERSONALITY, TOPHOO, GENETIC SOURCE, ALGORYTHM, OPTICAL DELAY and HASCHE. Enjoy this outstanding release!