Sun Family




Since many years, and for some it might have even been decades, we have been active in the psychedelic scene, spreading its culture, sounds and spirit around the world. The Sun Family gathers all our projects, ideas and efforts and represents all the different aspects of our doing.


All of us have a great devotion towards the scene in every aspect and we understand the various parts of it as one big culture. In that sense you can only fully understand this magical movement. The sounds, the art & decoration, the knowledge and inovative perspective that it can create, connections of many people through events and gatherings and much more is what in the end makes us psychedelic!


In our sounds (Sun Department Records), the events in Germany (Freunde der Sonne), the expansion to the Middle East (Sun Network) and our decoration (Fluoronauten) we express this feeling and share it with anyone that is seeking the same... Feel free to be part of the family and experience the unique vibe that is transmitted through these projects!