STYLE: Psychedelic Trance


Francis from Hamburg Germany is on the way since the early 90`s. The first dj gigs starts in youth centres and as winner of the HDJ DJ Contest 1992 in Hamburg-St Pauli. In the following years he starts to organize Technopartys with some Highlights in 1994. After a long way in the Techno/Trance Scene comes the contact to Goatrance Festivals  and the Sound. 1997 the Partys and Dj Gigs get the name "Freunde Der Sonne". From this time he organized Goapartys and plays Goatrance at his Dj Gigs. 1999 & 2000 "FDS" organized some very big events with all partyfreaks of this time. Since this time he plays on countless partys  from north to south and west to east on the biggest and the smallest dancefloors and he changed from Vinyl to CD mixing.