STYLE: Psychedelic Trance / Progressive


He was born in May 1982 in Hannover. Since 1985, Thomas lives in Wedel, near Hamburg. Most people know him by his current Psyeudonym, Psy-To-Delic. His passion for electronic music began very early, to be exactly, 17 years ago. What started in 1994 with two controllers on one board and two normal CD player, has developed over the course of the years more and more. And in 2009, he pursued it more intense. Music is the spice of life, for which he takes a very large part of his time. It all started with techno and rave, which has spread over the years in various stems. Today, in addition to Goa in all its variations, still electro, tech house and MinimalTech for DJing. His style consists mostly of very driving bass lines paired with plenty of variety. In June 2011 he recorded his debut album - released "Psy-to-Psychedelic Movement". It is an interesting project with experimentale sounds, melodies, snare's and of course driving bass.