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Psytrance in the desert of Sinai! That there is the potential for a psychedelic scene in Egypt is clear when you think about Pyramids, Pharaos or sun gods! But when FDS member Jannik Beathead moved to Dahab in the south of the Sinai peninsula there was rarely any activity or movement. So since 2011 the new Sun Network family is building up two annual mayor events in the beautiful area around the small village of Dahab. And besides that there is steadily a bigger circle of freaks and people that love the music, the spirit and are willing to spread our culture in this part of the Middle East.


The baby of the crew is the "Desert Dance"-Festival which is held since 2012 every year around April and now has grown to an actual 4 day festival with many activities, arts and sounds. For example the new healing area offering all kinds of treatments and relaxation programs. As well the environmental factor is one of the festivals main points. In 2014 the majority of materials used for decoration and construction were taken from the garbage of the fishing town close by! Since 2013 the crowd has grown and attracted many hippies from around the Middle East and Europe.


Every year as well the global simultaneous festival "Earthdance" is held in this area organised by the crew and with the intention to offer a more local oriented concept to introduce the psychedelic culture to the Egyptian crowd!


Since the start of Sun Network, they have built up a whole stock of decoration, contacts, equipment and a ever expanding network of supporters around the world...



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 05. - 08. October 2017
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Desert Dance - Open Air Festival 2017
South Sinai - Egypt


Earthdance Sinai 2014 [Official Video]

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