STYLE: Psy-Trance / Forest / Dark


Beathead is the stage name of Jannik Weber, a DJ and producer that has been around the global psychedelic scene since 2010 where he first appeared on stage. From organizing events and playing at events around his hometown Hamburg in the north of Germany while experimenting with styles and sounds he started to be more known after moving to Egypt and initiating a whole new psytrance scene there. In 2012 Beathead was among a few others to start the "Desert Dance" Festival in the Sinai peninsula which happens annually until today and has attracted many artists and key figures of the global scene. After 5 years of playing in clubs and festivals around the Middle East, Jannik developed his own style of psychedelic music and this very successfully. The ultimate result is a mixture of forest, classic psytrance and darker influences, keeping it groovy and open for anyone on the dance floors to join in. His key ingredient for his DJ sets always remains the deep psychedelic atmosphere and the driving groove of the psytrance origins. After a couple of years back in Germany, Beathead moved his home base to Montréal in Canada and joined the annual psytrance festival circuit there. Until this day he has been a key figure in connecting European and Middle Eastern crews to build up a more global scene by playing in many festivals around the world, including: S.U.N. Festival (Hungary), Mukti Gathering (Israel), Psychedelic Circus (Germany), Desert Dance (Egypt), Timeless Festival (Canada), Free Life Festival (Canada), Reisefieber (Switzerland), Indian Spirit Festival (Germany) and many more.