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January 17, 2019

PsyFiction - Breakthrough


Here comes a new 2-tracker EP by Psyfiction! This release will teleport you into another dimension. You can look forward to amazing build ups, epic and diversified sound design, heavy rolling basslines and driving leadlines. This powerfull release is not just music, it‘s a psychedelic experience!

AFFREQCTIC joined Sun Department!

January 06, 2019

We are happy to announce that AFFREQTIC has become a part of the Sun Family! His current EP DANCING WITH WOLVES is still fresh in all stores and now we are happy to announce that this young talented producer from Hamburg has signed with Sun Department. He brings a big swing of full power and his previous releases were very successful so he wants to continue and he currently working on his first album. His music is a mixture of complex, dark full on sounds with melodic and emotional breaks. He played at major events such as the Warming Up Psy-Fi Festival and the VooV Experience Indoor Party. Welcome on board!


January 02, 2019

Zedd - One Strange Rock (Psyfonic Remix)


New year - new music! Here comes Psyfonic his version of the great track "Zedd - One Strange Rock" as free download!


Psyfonic shares a new version of "Zedd - One Strange Rock" inspired by National Geographic’s same named documentation a critically acclaimed series that tells the extraordinary story of Earth from the perspectives of the only people to have left the planet: astronauts.

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December 20, 2018

Affreqtic - Dancing With Wolves


Sun Department Records proudly presents a brand new 3-track EP "Dancing With Wolves" by Affreqtic. After three successful releases here comes his next full power EP with an average cruising speed of 148 to 150 BPM. Lean back, enjoy this wonderful journey through the night or loose your feet and dance with the wolves!


Grab your copy now!


December 06, 2018

Algorythm - Singularity


Here comes the 2-track debut EP "Singularity" by Algorythm. It‘s the solo project of Morten Hansen, one of the two northern lights from Usual Suspects out of the state of Denmark. This talented guy has the vision and the dream - producing high quality progressive psychedelic Trance and here it is! With nearly 5 years of producing behind him, many techniques and skills has been discovered.


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November 26, 2018

Chrizzlix & PsyFiction - Warp


This brandnew hybrid psytrance tune by Chrizzlix and Psyfiction is going to warp your mind! Joining forces they combined high energy leadlines and driving basslines with an uplifting progressive arrangement.


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DANIMAL joined Sun Department!

November 17, 2018

We are happy to announce that DANIMAL has become a part of the Sun Family! Daniel comes from Cape Town (South Africa) and he is a full powered Psytrance act, hailing from the beautiful Garden Route...a leader, friend and “beast” to dancefloors! Daniel is known for his full powered energetic style of music and his ability to read the crowd has seen him play alongside some of the biggest International and local names. We are happy about this cross-continental connection with psychedelic Trance music as transmitter! Welcome on board! read more >>here


November 15, 2018

Sun Department Records - 5 Years Anniversary


On 24th of November 2018 we celebrate 5 years of Sun Department Records in a special Label Night party in our home base Hamburg. Exclusive for this anniversary we present release no. 50 -  the 20 best and most successful tracks from the last half decade as a re-release summarized on one compilation! Sun Department stands for high quality psychedelic trance music and this will stay that way. A big THANK YOU goes out to all artists and our distribution for the brilliant cooperation and we are really looking forward to future projects. Thanks to all fans, listeners, dancers, friends and our families. Your support is amazing and motivates us to continue what we love - Psytrance! Enjoy this massive release and don’t forget: stay psy! Grab your copy >>here


October 29, 2018

OctoGoat - Robot Reproduction


Here comes the debut EP "Robot Reproduction " by OctoGoat as FREE DOWNLOAD! This release includes 3 pure full power psychedelic Trance tracks created by the young and talented guy from Mönchengladbach - Germany. It starts with a 147 BPM banger which has an important message to humanity: "Change The World " - immediately! But, if you think you have no power to change the world, then use your power to dance! The second track is called "Electrisize" which is presenting the "OctoGuitar" sound. It‘s composed with strong powerchords and impulsive lead parts with a cruising speed of 146 BPM. With his power guitar riffs he electrifies and infected all dance floors! The third track is a collaboration between him and Signa and is called "Metabolism" - the chemical processes that occur within a living organism in order to maintain life. It is so important to keep the psychedelic structure and culture alive and that's what OctoGoat does with this awesome debut release. Let's keep on rocking! Mastering by Sun Department Mastering with artwork by Ø_Cult.. Grab your copy >>here


October 05, 2018

Datacult - Afro Samurai (Midiride Remix)


Sun Department Records and Midiride join up again to offer you a mind-blowing Datacult remix. With lots of twisted psychedelics and deep harmonics, Midiride shaped the amazing track Afro Samurai in a fresh trippy style. Make sure you do not miss this awesome piece of Midiride love. Grab your copy >>here

OCTOGOAT joined Sun Department!

September 25, 2018

Attention ⚠️ Sun Department is growing and it will be psychedelic and it will rock! OctoGoat is a project from Dustin V. from Mönchengladbach, Germany - a talented young musician who is very creative. He combines the talent of playing guitar mixed with psychedelic trance music. The "OctoGuitar" sound is composed of strong powerchords and impulsive lead parts. The electronic guitar is his trademark. He spreads so much energy with his powerful sound that it's hard to escape from the dancefloor because you only just want to rock! We are happy to welcome OctoGoat as a new Sun Family member!
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April 18, 2018

We offer professional mixing & mastering for Compact Disc (CD) and digital distribution.

Just get in contact via email: info@sun-department-records.de


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