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September 06, 2018

TRANONICA - Human Evolution


After releasing 6 EPs, 4 Singles on compilations, some remixes by Astrix, Liquid Soul and Chrizzlix we are happy to present the debut album of Tranonica which is out now exclusive on Beatport! The album is called "Human Evolution" and contains 10 unreleased tracks. Some of them are collaborations and remixes with Flegma, Wavelength, Hasche and Usual Suspects. This epic adventure of "Human Evolution" told through powerful basslines and wide melody themes. Grab your copy >>here


August 27, 2018

PORTAL & ONERO - Story Of The Mind


Journey deep into your mind with Portal and Onero as they take you through their latest first collaboration exploring melodic psychedelic progressions and grooving basslines. A story of breathe and consciousness,  star formations and galactic magic, close your eyes, turn the volume up… tune in and drop out! Grab your copy >>here


July 9, 2018

PSYFICTION - Take Your Time


Sometimes life is hard and you just need to "take your time". This second release of PsyFiction combines all what Psytrance stands for driving basslines, big drops, psychedelic leadlines, progressive parts and high energy. The "Take your Time" EP is music with personal background and made with much love and soul. Listen and go on a trip! Grab your copy >>here

ZIS0KY joined Sun Department!

July 5, 2018

Zis0ky is a Hi-tech and Darkpsy project by John-Michael Heck aka Tranonica. It has influences of nearly every Psychedelic Trance genre! But also some Acid Trance and Ambient & D'n'B music. Zis0ky was created by accident. After an amazing private outdoor Party, John was more fascinated by this music as before. On a lonely evening at home he started his first track in 180 BPM called "Alone in the Universe". Now he finished his first Hi-tech EP which is coming out soon! He will not stop working on new ones! Stay tuned! read more >>here


June 25, 2018

TOPHOO - Signs Of Culture


We are proud to present the second release of Tophoo!  Culture (from lat.: „cultura“) is the social behaviour and norms in human society. In general It could be described as a consequence of human perception of environment and it’s effect on the behaviour and creation of a group of people. That’s why culture is as old as human started to organize themselves in groups. Therefore signs of culture can be anything from stone tools to settlement structures but also anything expressing the collective or very own conception of emotion, spiritualism and reality such as cave paintings, grave goods or modern street art. Music itself is one oft the most mysterious signs of culture as we have no clue what the music of ancient cultures sounded like. This EP "Signs of Culture" is driven by Psychedelic Athmospheres, complex melodies and  tribal chants and tries to emerge a connection between modern society and our imagination of the ancient cultures. Grab your copy >>here

FINNDUS joined Sun Department!

June 19, 2018

Finndus is a Psytrance project of „Finn Kienbaum“ who grew up in Kiel, northern Germany. He fell in love with Psytrance at the age of 15. He then joined the first scene parties. All that fascinated him so much, that he started to collect the music that he loved very soon.

Finndus is now an established DJ of the psytrance scene and signed under „Sun Department Records“. In the middle of the Year 2016, he started a DJ collaboration named "Petterson&Finndus" together with Johan. As DJ he is known to always have the right sound for the right party in his continuously updated case. read more >>here


April 18, 2018

We offer professional mixing & mastering for Compact Disc (CD) and digital distribution.

Just get in contact via email: info@sun-department-records.de


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