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PSY AGENCY joined Sun Department!

July 22, 2017

Sun Department has grown again and we are happy to welcome our new S.D.R members Ingmar Trenkelbach and  Sebastian Werner a.k.a. Psy Agency.


Psy Agency is the Psychedelic Trance project of this two guys who are based in Northern Germany. The two dudes crashed together in 2001 and they started organizing Psy-Trance parties actively for 7 years and began DJing FullOn style. It was the next logical and intended step starting to produce their own music. Their first release at Sun Department Records will be released on August 7, 2017 and is a 2-track EP called "Technological Progress".


June 17, 2017

Full-on fans, rejoice! We have released our second compilation for free on Ektoplazm. Originally out in 2014, this compilation is full of pumping psychedelic trance tunes from dusk to dawn features tracks from our own label artists as well as exclusive and fresh tunes from guest artists. This sonic trip is like an intense party night starting with a mix of breathtaking full-on transitioning into floating psychedelic trance, twilight sounds taking you through the deepest night, and finishing with melodic frequencies to let the sun within your mind rise again.

Dig in and enjoy!



Grab your own Sun Department merch with new logo!

June 07, 2017

Dear friends, check out our new clothes with the brand new logo! Grab your own Sun Department merch if you like & support your favorite psytrance label ♥


Sun Department Records @ Goazin.de!

May 17, 2017

Netter Artikel über Sun Department Records! Schaut doch gerne mal rein, um mehr über unser Label, die Entstehung und unsere Musik zu erfahren. Vielen Dank an Goazin.de!

GENETIC SOURCE joined Sun Department!

April 14, 2017

Sun Department has grown again and we are happy to welcome our new S.D.R member Stefan P. a.k.a.

Genetic Source. He is a producer and LiveAct based in Kiel, a beautiful city of Northern Germany where he lives since 2015. Born in Germany in 1983, his roots are in Hungary. His early musical influences come from all genres of electronic music including Hardcore, garage Metal, Punkrock and later on, even a little Hip Hop and Rap music. In 2001 he started producing Psytrance. Until yet, he has been absent from the scene since 2003 although never lossing his love for Psytrance and for the spirit of our way of life. Now he is back and fully inspired!

METAPROG joined Sun Department!

April 10, 2017

We are happy to welcome our new S.D.R member Nick a.k.a Metaprog! Nick is a DJ and producer from Hamburg, Germany. From the first psytrance parties on he was caught by the music and listened to a big variety of progressive and psytrance substyles. This is what makes his sets special: he feels what the people on the dancefloor love and always has the right tracks to make them dance even harder. His sets tell a story of different emotions and energy. Moreover he plays a convenient mixture of catching melodies and rhythms with a high quality soundscape. Welcome on board!


April 06, 2017

Tranonica - The Peak


Sun Department Records is proud to present the new 4-track EP by german Psytrance producer Tranonica called "The Peak". After his last release he worked hard on new sounds. Many months were needed to create the perfect atmosphere for his new tracks. This EP is perfectly made for Open Air Psychedelic Trance parties. Tranonica takes you with lively and expressive sound into an unforgettable adventure world of emotions