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November 07, 2017

Tranonica - Unknown Objects


Tranonica creates with his new EP unknown audible objects we try to explain, but for which there is no scientific explanation. A journey through space and time. Together with Wootz, the two sound creators let the listeners travel to another dimension to become scientists themselves. With a cruising speed of 142 to 145 bpm, you can lightly stomp over the dance floor or you can dream of an unknown world while you enjoying a cup of tea.


Release date: November 27, 2017.



October 16, 2017

Usual Suspects - Rise & Fall


Usual Suspects is the perfect collaboration between Morten Hansen & Morten Jensen, the two northern lights from the state of Denmark have long and intensely worked on their debut release called "Rise & Fall". For two years the two producers have been hanging together and tinkering on their high quality progressive Psytrance and this 2-track EP is the result of their hard work. The tracks are coming with a journey speed of around 137 to 138 bpm in combination of dreamy atmospheres with a twist of psychedelic melodies, energetic rhythms and a cosmic flow.  Sun Department Records is very proud to release this brilliant debut! Grab your copy!

USUAL SUSPECTS joined Sun Department!

October 01, 2017

The Sun family has grown again and we are happy to welcome the two guys of Usual Suspects!


Usual Suspects is a collaboration between Morten Hansen & Morten Jensen, the two northern lights from the state of Denmark. A project, founded on the same visions and dreams - producing high qality progressive psytrance! With nearly 8 years of producing behind them, many techniques and skills has bin discovered. One simple idea, to try combine all experiences together in one single project, brought Usual Suspects to the world! This two talented guys are coming directly with their debut EP "Rise & Fall" and will be released on 16th October 2017 on Sun Department Records.  read more...


September 18, 2017

V.A. Game of Tones


We are proud to unleash “Game of Tones”, the ground shaking compilation by Sun Department head and founder Chrizzlix. This 11 track selection of modern PsyTrance features artists all around the same style as his. Persisting to combine Psy and Progressive Trance, the compilation is loaded with distinguished baseline drops and refined complex arrangements. Well known acts (Mystical Complex, Greg Hilight, Painkiller, Tronsho, Block Device, Slackjoint...) and some very promising newcomers make “Game of Tones” a guaranteed party and a powerful euphoria inducer! Hold on & enjoy the waves! Chrizzlix is a German producer, DJ, founder of Hamburg based Sun Department Records and also active musician in Nutek Records. His notorious DJ and live sets cannot be pigeonholed and always deliver sonic diversity. Grab your copy!

BAZOOKA joined Sun Department!

August 30, 2017

Sun Department has grown again and we are happy to welcome our new S.D.R member Bazooka!


It does not take many words to describe him because he is one of the most famous DJs from Hamburg - Germany and a longtime member and friend of the Sun family.  He lives for the music - you feel and hear it when he is on stage and submits his psychedelic stories with driving beats and breathtaking spherical and spiritual sounds. As one of the most experienced members at Sun Department Records, you can expect first-rate sets!




August 28, 2017

Pronobis - A Trip to Fantasy


Sun Department is proud to present the new 4-track debut EP by Pronobis - a young and talented guy from Zurich, Switzerland. All tracks run at a speed of 145 bpm and they are very powerful with classic fullon elements and driving basslines, psychedelic leads and wonderful atmospheres. Dive into the world of Pronobis and take a trip to fantasy!




August 07, 2017

Psy Agency - Technological Progress


Boon or bane? Artificial intelligence dominates our life and makes it very comfortable.. But for sure we don't have to lose ourselves, particulary with regard to thinking and community cooperation. This technological progress brought us the feeling of security, but we may lose privacy because of the exposure by the law enforcement authorities. With this 2 track EP Psy Agency took up this topic and brings you fresh psy vibes, aligned to the future and committed to the tradition.




August 01, 2017

Chrizzlix - Walk The Lune EP


Sun Department Records drop another full-on psytrance bomb as free download on Ektoplazm with this tight collection of tunes from Chrizzlix. Featuring 4 original tracks plus a video edit of the EP title track Walk the Lune and accompanying animated video you'll find on Youtube, that tells the story behind the track; our journey through the universe to find life, friends and happiness. The Walk The Lune EP is fully loaded with crazy build-ups, powerful drops & groovy bass lines fused with deranged melodies and rocking guitars!