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October 03, 2019

Omikron - Sunspots


"Sunspots" is the first debut release of Omikron, a young emerging psytrance producer from East Germany. His two fresh full-on tracks contain powerful basslines mixed with deep and melodic breaks. Over the last few months, he has created this intoxicating 2-track single that spreads an incredible and beautiful spirit of psychedelic trance music.



September 23, 2019

PsyFiction - Vibrations


Enjoy the new Single "Vibrations" by PsyFiction as free download!


September 12, 2019

High Max - Emotional


Emotional are two fresh progressive Psytrance track‘s with unique melodies that will blow your mind! Amaury Portillo a.k.a High Max from Mexico. His style and powerful basslines are something that we know that you are gonna love it. We can say he is a new promise for the progressive psychedelic scene around the globe!


August 29, 2019

Tranonica - Through the Tunnel


Here comes the next mindblowing Tranonica EP called "Through the Tunnel"! It's a journey through space & time accompanied with beautiful trance melodies. This 3-track EP includes one original track and a remix by Tranonica and one remix by the incredible talented artist Kelle, who takes you back to the 90's!


August 15, 2019

GalactiCode - Psychedelic Odyssey


Sun Department Records is proud to present "Psychedelic Odyssey" by GalactiCode - it's the long awaited psytrance musical project by Itai Hillel from Israel, who's been DJing and producing on the underground psytrance scene in Israel and around the globe since the early 2000's. Enjoy this powerful 3-track EP with bombing baselines, unique sounds, mind blowing combinations and ecstatic mixes!


July 25, 2019

Affreqtic - Fall of the Titans


A long time ago, the great titans wandered through our planet Gaia. Their forces formed land and water, air and fire and made living possible as we know it today. Even if they fall into oblivion, we can contact them through trance and feel their power in all elements - in life and in death. This brandnew EP of Affreqtic with three powerful tracks will blast your mind and make you feel connected with everything you need to know about life.


July 23, 2019

Hey fellows of Sun Department Records! We almost reached 10K "Likes" on Facebook so we want to give it a little push and you can take part! We are giving away our current Top 10 Beatport tracks in WAV!


July 11, 2019

Octogoat - Own Reality


Octogoat is back with his second official release on Sun Department Records! With this 2-track full-power EP you get another great view into the world of Octogoat. With your thoughts you create your own reality in which you can move freely. Your mind is the only place you have ever been. Always be yourself - no matter where you are right now!


June 21, 2019

Psyfonic - Micro Groove


Sun Department label head Psyfonic is back with a powerful 2-track Psychedelic Trance EP. Microgroove is the small feeling created by the rhythm, tension and tempo of a track. An exciting groove stimulates the listener unconscious psychomotoric while dancing. Repeating deep sounds and driving drumlines can trigger a feeling of happiness right through to the state of trance!