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April 26, 2018

V.A. Guide To The Galaxy (compiled by Psyfonic)


The "Guide To The Galaxy" shows you the way to a wonderful universe full of music, light and happiness. There are no worries around. Just fun, exuberance and a special kind of trance! Get carried away and enjoy this powerful compilation, carefully selected and compiled by Psyfonic, head and founder of Sun Department Records based in Hamburg - Germany. 10 fresh and unreleased Full-On Psytrance tracks take you on this colorful and loud journey through space and time.  Grab your copy >>here

POSSEBILITY joined Sun Department!

April 25, 2018

Possebility is a DJ from Berlin, Germany. Starting to go to Psytrance Partys in 2013, he was impressed by the vibe of the people. In 2014, he began to play Morning FullOn at small Parties. After some time he started to combinate various styles and artists in his sets. In this way he creates a unique sound experience for his audience. Depending on the mood of the floor, he always attempt to chatch up the right atmosphere in his track choice. Due to his success on the floor, he is a well-known name in the Berlin scene and even brought his sound to Paris, Hamburg, Braunschweig, Greifswald and many more.

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April 18, 2018

We offer professional mixing & mastering for Compact Disc (CD) and digital distribution.

Just get in contact via email: info@sun-department-records.de


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March 05, 2018

Indio - Emerge


With enthusiasm Sun Department Records present the new 2-track EP of Indio called "Emerge".  Behind the project "Indio" stands Julio Gomes Pena. This young, talented producer and live act from Sao Paulo - Brazil, comes with his own unique style of progressive psytrance music. His tracks move around at 138 bpm and have the main characteristic of a sound with powerful basslines, psychedelic synths with epic melodies and a little bit of jungle & ethnic atmospheres. We are sure that we will be able to expect even more brilliant releases like this in the future from this 19 year old guy! Grab your copy!



February 05, 2018

V.A. Dipavali - compiled by Sun Department Records


Hey Suntrancers,

we give you another fine set of tunes from our back catalog for free! This time delving into the deeper end of full-on or the more uplifting and upbeat side of progressive, whichever way you look at it! Including tracks by CHRIZZLIX, E-MOTION, DOCTOR GOA & PSY-TO-DELIC, MIDIRIDE, PSYCOBOLD, PSYFONIC and more..! Grab your copy in WAV | FLAC | MP3 on Ektoplazm! www.ektoplazm.com/free-music/dipavali


December 18, 2017

Tophoo - Parapsychological


The existence of parapsychological phenomena is the subject of regular disputes. In particular, it is criticized that parapsychology has no clearly defined subject area, no reproducible experiments can show, by means of which the postulated Psi effects could be demonstrated at any time, nor has developed a theoretical base, which could explain the effects. The sound of this 3-track EP could be descriped as a blend of modern groovy basslines, complex melody structures, dreamy pads with a traveling speed of around 140 bpm. Grab your copy!