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June 06, 2019

Psyfiction - Over And Out


PsyFiction drops with his new single an intergalactic and psychedelic journey. It takes you through the deep universe. Your companions on this trip are rolling basslines, deep psychedelic sounds and massive lead lines! Be prepared for this sick tune from outer space!


May 23, 2019

Tophoo - Synthetic Behavior


Here comes the 3rd official release by Tophoo on Sun Department  Records! Since the invention of electronic music there has been a chance to realize an extension of musical expression beyond genres. With SYNTHETIC BEHAVIOR, Tophoo has opened up a new world of sound - a great synthesis between the elements of progressive Psytrance and Techno!


April 22, 2019

Sawlead Ground - Vengeance (Portal Remix)


Portal returns to Sun Department Records with another powerful release, this time a remix to a classic from Sawlead Ground - Vengeance. Dramatic melodies and rising sweeps create tension throughout this dancefloor number with the cinematic sound typical of Sawlead's style. A true journey through the soundscape of Vengeance.


April 08, 2019

V.A. Spirit Of Moksha Vol. 1


Over the last years SPIRIT OF MOKSHA in Hamburg has become one of the most attractive Psytrance events for the underground psytrance culture in Northern Germany. For this year's event DJ Bazooka, organizer and label artist of Sun Department Records, compiled a extraordinary sound selection reflecting the soundscape of past and present events.

SPIRIT joined Sun Department!

April 06, 2019

We are happy to announce that SPIRIT has become a part of the Sun Family!

After their successful debut release "Voice Of Spirits" released by Sun Department Records in March 2019, now the two musical geniuses want to share their great music with the world!


The "Spirit sound" can be described as strong and progressive, very danceable and often mixed with ethnic elements. The two Israelis are excited to release their music which comes out directly from the bottom of their hearts and their souls!



March 14, 2019

Spirit - Voice Of Spirits


Sun Department is proud to present ”Voice Of Spirits” - it‘s the debut release by Yaron & Paz. After 5 years of joint production, they founded the project "Spirit" and now the two Israelis are coming with a strong and expressive 4-tracker EP. All tracks are very diversified, danceable and mixed with ethnic elements. Just right to call the voice of the spirits!


February 28, 2019

ProNobis - Follow The Signs



Here comes the second EP by Pronobis. This great musician from Switzerland presents his special concept EP: it is about perceiving the music and not just consuming it. Follow The Signs sounds like classic melodic Full-On and all tracks are very playful with dreamy melodies combined with fast driving basses. Enjoy this high quality masterpiece of psychedelic trance!


February 14, 2019

Labrysinthe - Fire Loves Sugar


Maybe it's a coincidence that this year's Valentine's Day is the same release date of Labyrinths new EP "Fire Loves Sugar". Labrysinthe is voluntarily committed to the institution of psytrance and stands for better machines, brighter knowledge, bolder music, and the blissful ecstasies of the beat. Dive into this fresh EP - her new, more cutting-edge sound, uplifting and melodic.


February 01, 2019

Sun Department Selection Vol. 1


Start of the new series "SUN DEPARTMENT SELECTION". Volume 1 is mixed by Psyfonic with a selection of some of his favorite tracks released by Sun Department Records as FREE DOWNLOAD!


January 31, 2019

Ananda - Geometric Patterns


We are happy to present the great result of the collaboration with the 28 year old Austrian artist ANANDA.After three successful releases here comes his fourth release:  ''Geometric Patterns''. He combines harmonic ideas with psychedelic soundscapes, driving basslines and groovy percussions to create his unique style of mystical, melodic, progressive psytrance music.


January 17, 2019

E-Motion - Passion (Psyfonic Remix)


Here is a little present for you as

FREE DOWNLOAD: Psyfonic remix version of "E-Motion - Passion".


January 17, 2019

PsyFiction - Breakthrough


Here comes a new 2-tracker EP by Psyfiction! This release will teleport you into another dimension. You can look forward to amazing build ups, epic and diversified sound design, heavy rolling basslines and driving leadlines. This powerfull release is not just music, it‘s a psychedelic experience!

AFFREQCTIC joined Sun Department!

January 06, 2019

We are happy to announce that AFFREQTIC has become a part of the Sun Family! His current EP DANCING WITH WOLVES is still fresh in all stores and now we are happy to announce that this young talented producer from Hamburg has signed with Sun Department. He brings a big swing of full power and his previous releases were very successful so he wants to continue and he currently working on his first album. His music is a mixture of complex, dark full on sounds with melodic and emotional breaks. He played at major events such as the Warming Up Psy-Fi Festival and the VooV Experience Indoor Party. Welcome on board!


January 02, 2019

Zedd - One Strange Rock (Psyfonic Remix)


New year - new music! Here comes Psyfonic his version of the great track "Zedd - One Strange Rock" as free download!


Psyfonic shares a new version of "Zedd - One Strange Rock" inspired by National Geographic’s same named documentation a critically acclaimed series that tells the extraordinary story of Earth from the perspectives of the only people to have left the planet: astronauts.

Grab your copy >>here