We offer professional mixing & mastering for CD and digital distribution.

Just get in contact via email: info@sun-department-records.de


Our studio ist located in Hamburg, Germany and run by CHRIZZLIX producer, mastering engineer and head of Sun Department Records.


Chrizzlix graduated with a Bachelor degree in Audio Production and was working in a recording studio, he has effectively done many mixing and mastering jobs for many well known clients. These days he focused his production and mastering skill on Trance music to always get the best result possible! So if you ask for someone who is specialized in Trance and Psychedelic Trance and lives for that kind of music, let's see how we can make your sound as good as possible! All mastering jobs include professional feedback to your mix and no extra fee for changes! If your mix needs some more detail work we can do stem mastering which means you give us like 4 Submixed (for exmaple Kick, Bass, Percussion, Rest). Feel free to get in contact with us!