Tranonica - Imagine Tomorrow


Tranonica is back with four excellent pieces of music that will immerse you in his creative world. Take a deep breath and dive deep into the spheres of "Imagine Tomorrow" and let yourself go. Don't worry, this diverse soundscape that Tranonica has recreated will gently hug you and carry you as far as you allow.

Lumiax - Enter The Void


Lumiax is back with his new single 'Enter the Void'. The driving bassline rolls with 148 bpm, paired with crispy leads and moving soundscapes that bring the night hours to shimmering life.

Chrizzlix - Yuve Yuve Yu (Remix)


Enjoy this great remix of "The HU - Yuve Yuve Yu" remixed by Chrizzlix as free download!

Tophoo - Flow


Flow is a state of mind that we all want to reach in some way. When we flow, we are one with the things we love, that we do, and with ourselves. This track by Tophoo is about inducing the state of flow through power music and excessive dancing. Driven by a powerful bassline and analog synthesizer sounds glued together by melodic atmospheres, this song is a guarantee for a big ritual party on the dance floor.

Psyfiction - Narcotic Cultures


Psyfiction is back! Take a deep dive in a journey through the ancient cultures of our planet and immerse your ears in a world of psychedelic spirituality. Dreamy melodies, massive structures and gloomy, playful soundscapes take you straight into the colorful world of our narcotic cultures!

Psytrance Evolved Samplepack


This sample pack by Chrizzlix and Tophoo equips you with the ultimate weapon for modern Psytrance and Progressive Psytrance production. Consisting of complex melodic atmospheres, synthlines, synth shots, drums, drum loops, bass shots and bass loops, this pack is a must-have for every Psytrance sample library.

Psyfonic - We Are Back (feat. JEM)


Psyfonic is back with his new single "We Are Back" in collaboration with the singer JEM and her wonderful voice. We were gone for a while, but now we're back - back on track! After a long and difficult time, we are now seeing enlightenment and joy is returning. Let's celebrate life and happiness!

Erlenkeuser - Djinn


Every journey has a story to tell. Deep down from the birth of Djinn rising up to the luminous era of Guaja. This powerful first 2-track EP by Erlenkeuser is combining fast an driving beats mixed with melodic elemtents and themed by some inspiring indian vocal chants to present his definiton of modern Progressive Trance.

Capes - Zeno Effect


Dive into the abyss. Widen your ears. Experience something that will bring you closer to the sound that rings within the quantum reality. Our reality.

Cybergrass - Interstellar Flight


Cybergrass was previously only known as live act and after more than 20 years ago since founding comes "Interstellar Flight" the first official release on Sun Department Records. Fasten your seat belt and enjoy the flight!

V.A. Void Cruiser - compiled by Tranonica


Get a ticket and start your journey through this psychedelic landscape filled with beauty and excitement. Every stop tells a different story like every place you go tells a new story. We wish you a nice journey!

Five Finger Death Punch - Under And Over It (Psyfonic Remix)


Once again Psyfonic has successfully merged two genres: Heavy Metal and Psytrance. The result is a fresh & powerful remix of "Under And Over It" by Five Finger Death Punch! The entire song is full of energy from the opening to the last chord. Hard, on point and still melodic. Does that sound like a paradox? Check it out and let's rock!

LoDran - Spectral Madness


After spending a whole lot of time in the vastness of the universe while exploring space and time, LoDran finally is back on earth to present his new EP 'Spectral Madness'. Be prepared for the full spectrum of psychedelic madness! Explore the mysterious voids of the universe until you encounter the great attractor on your way to ultimately define the theory of everything.

Tophoo - Yggdrasil


Tophoo's new single 'Yggdrasil' is a breathtaking journey into the sounds and rites of the past Norse pagan times. Underpinned by a groovy bassline, psychedelic atmospheres and playful pagan melodies alternate. Yggdrasil or "the world ash-tree" is one of the focal points of Norse mythology and forms the center of the universe that connects all worlds.

Xamanist - Kundalini


Sun Department Records presents the new single Kundalini from Xamanist from Portugal. Kundalini means divine energy which is believed to be at the base of the spine. It is often reported that awakening is a distinct sensation of the electric current flowing through the whole body. Just like the sound of Xamanist: great melodies, rhythm and storytelling reaching a high level of psychedelism on every dance floor!

Soundrologic - Dopamin Dealer


"Dopamin Dealer" is the debut release produced by Soundrologic. It’s powerful psychedelic trance with a unique acoustic feel that takes you out of the night into the sunrise. Enjoy the deal and pour out the Dopamin!

Affreqtic & Altered Forms - We are Fucked


In the early days of the first lockdown, when everything had been fucked up, Altered Forms and Affreqtic remotely jointed their forces. The changing time pushed them to experiment a fusion between their styles. The result is a full energetic psychedelic crossover track between dark-progressive and psychedelic trance music.

Stealth - Psytrance | Sample Pack


Chrizzlix & Tophoo just released their brand-new samplepack on Zenhiser! After lots of studio work they can now present over 5 GB of Progressive Psytrance rhythms, melodies, chants, basslines, vocals, beats and synths to improve your production! You’ll be introduced to a unique array of gated vocals, multi shot synth hits, evoking synth loops, army tight beats, evocative pads and everything in between.

Omikron & Psyfiction - Visitor from Space


Sun Department Records is proud to present this fresh new powerful collaboration between Omikron & PsyFiction. It's not just a track, it's full-force psychedelic trance from outer space!

Chrizzlix - These Moments


Take a break and enjoy pure moments of happiness!

Tranonica - Something To Dream About


After a long time of waiting with totally great curiosity, finally the proper time has come to present the whole psychedelic world of Tranonica with this extremely solid LP. His second full album includes some excellent collaborations and remixes for several great artists from both sides of the globe. Let's go somewhere else, like the spacemen orbiting the earth, let all our insecurities become evaporated. Ultimately, we just want to be happy and have... something to dream about.

Psyfonic & Tranonica - Digital Namaskar


Psyfonic teams up with Tranonica for a new psychedelic journey titled "Digital Namaskar". This digital salutation has an invigorating effect on body, mind and soul and includes great sequences of dynamic & rhythmic blended lead sounds, paired with hypnotic vocals and powerful basslines.

Triggster - Constancy of Vibrations


Triggster is back with his second release "Constancy of Vibrations" to control your feet remotely one more time again and he remains true to himself: driving Psytrance for the night - organic and complex. A fresh expansion of his creativity that moves towards to forest without being overloaded.

Timeact - Northern Nature


Psytrance artist Timeact aka Vincent Hollstein has just released his 2-track debut EP 'Northern Nature' on Sun Department Records. Expect nordic medieval sounds, orchestral breaks combined with uplifting progressive Psytrance. Let him take you into a long forgotten age.

Omikron - Infinite Life


Omikron is back with his next release on Sun Department Records! 'Infinite Life' creates a psychedelic atmosphere that takes you on a spiritual journey through time and space. The powerful 3-track ep is sure to blast the dancefloors with its unique sound!