Chrizzlix - Back In The Days

- A Recap Of Chrizzlix Classics


Get ready to dive back into the electrifying universe of Chrizzlix as he unveils a compilation featuring his greatest hits from the beginning of his journey as a psytrance live act. This collection is a testament to his diversity and creativity, showcasing the very essence of what makes Chrizzlix a powerhouse in the Psytrance scene.

Sol Nomad - Waldspaziergang


Sun Department Records proudly presents the debut release "Waldspaziergang" by Sol Nomad! This captivating release features a powerful, dark psychedelic progressive track alongside an ambient version. Welcome to the path of the forest!

LoDran - Take Reality For A Ride


Embark on a mind-bending journey through the realms of existence with LoDran's latest EP and Take Reality for a Ride. Step through the portal into alternate dimensions where the boundaries of life and perception blur. Let the pulsating beats and ethereal melodies guide you as you explore the depths of consciousness and unlock the mysteries of the universe.

ATFV - Quantum Confabulation


Warning! Jumping through time and space may come with symptoms of severe progressive psytrance drops! Join ATFV on his latest adventure with Sun Department Records!


Portamento - Street Culture


Amid the solitude of urban life, young spirits ignite life into abandoned buildings with illegal raves, crafting a vivid counter-culture through dance and music. These acts of defiance not only challenge isolation but transform forgotten spaces into bastions of unity and joy, redefining the cityscape as a canvas for connection and musical art.


Portamento - Last Tuvan Calling


Beneath Tuva's wide expanse, the last throaty echoes resonate, a farewell song blending with the steppe's quiet hum. As the sun dips, the final Tuvan calling weaves into the land's fabric, a parting note carried away by the wind, leaving only memories dancing in the fading light.


Optical Mind Gate - Just Relax


Are you stressed out by your everyday life? Do you need a vacation for your body, mind, and soul? Are your ears yearning for pulsating beats and psychedelic sounds? We have something for you: 'Just Relax' - the latest release from O.M.G. - Optical Mind Gate. Two full-power Psy-Trance tracks with a travel speed of 148 bpm that will take you on a journey into the here and now!


Chrizzlix & Tophoo - The Elder


Deep in the ancient forest resides "the elder," a mysterious figure, perhaps a spirit or an ancient awakened tree. Seekers of truth find him when they need wisdom most. His gaze holds the depth of the ocean, and his mere presence imparts invaluable insights to those fortunate enough to encounter him in the mystical heart of the woods.

Sun Department Records - Best of 2023


Sun Department Records presents: 'Best of 2023'. Featuring groundbreaking and successful tracks by Hatikwa, Chrizzlix, PsyFiction, DJingis Khan, Tophoo, Beathead, Timeact, Mind Void, Portamento, Omikron, and LoDran. Immerse yourself in the pioneering beats and revolutionary sounds that define the distinctive style of Sun Department Records. Get your copy and let the journey begin!

Omikron & PsyFiction - Just a Dream


'Just a Dream,' the latest collaboration between Omikron and PsyFiction. This track seamlessly weaves dark grooves and ethereal melodies, transporting you to an otherworldly trance state. Already tested at parties and festivals, 'Just a Dream' is a must-have for every fan of psychedelic trance music. Let the hypnotic beats redefine your reality and elevate your trance experience to new heights.

Portamento - Horizons


Horizons beckon, urging minds to soar beyond limits, a dance with dreams in the freedom of defined skies. Explore, grow, and let the unseen shape the canvas of possibility.


Chrizzlix & Tophoo - Me and my Shadow


Beneath the sun's tender glow and the twilight's gentle hand, my shadow walks alongside, a companion I once feared but now embrace. No longer a specter of darkness, it mirrors my being and enriches my every stride.

Optical Mind Gate - Nano Fusion


Sun Department Records presents "Nano Fusion", the first official release by Optical Mind Gate. It is the new and fresh Psy-Trance project by Idylle. Nano Fusion - which means the fusion of individual, small sounds into a complex, psychedelic masterpiece divided into 3 unique tracks with very high dance floor potential.

Portamento - Nightlife


Sun Department Records presents the new single "Nightlife" by Portamento! Step into the neon-lit abyss, where the night births the true pulse of life. From enigmatic figures lurking in shadowy corners to the electrifying extravagance of neon-drenched clubs, and the highbrow elitism of exclusive venues, all converge in a spectacular explosion of raw existence.

Metaprog -Lighthouse


Discover "Lighthouse" - Metaprog's latest Release on Sun Department Records! Immerse yourself in deep progressive Psytrance, where pounding basslines meet melodic touches and energizing psychedelia. With seagull cries and ocean sounds, it's like standing on a lighthouse, gazing into a stormy sea. Let the waves of sound engulf you.

Beathead - Psynai


Prepare yourself to embark on a mind-bending journey through the realms of psychedelic trance with "Psynai" - the debut single by the visionary DJ Beathead. This pulsating track brings you an electrifying fusion of entrancing beats and mind-altering melodies. The track name is an homage to the Egyptian psychedelic scene, which for a decade Beathead helped to seed and nourish in the mystical Sinai.

Chrizzlix & Tophoo - Beyond Yourfelf

(Total Balance Remix)


With his distinctive melodic spheres and shivering vocal arrangements, Total Balance elevates this song to unexpected heights. Pushing beyond its own boundaries, he builds upon the original title and creates a journey filled with pure enthusiasm and love for music.

Portamento - Flow


Flow is a mental state that we all want to achieve in our own way. When we are in flow, we merge with the things we love, with what we do and with ourselves. Carried by a powerful bassline and hard synthesizer sound, 160 bpm guarantee a subversive party ritual on the dance floor.

Omikron - Reality


Get ready to elevate your consciousness with Omikron's latest release „Reality"! Featuring two heavy full-on tracks, „Reality" and „Power of the Founder", this 2-tracker is sure to transport you to another dimension with its pulsing beats and mind-bending melodies. Omikron's signature sound is at its best in these two tracks, with intricate layers of synths and heavy basslines that will keep you moving and grooving all night long.

V.A. Valkyrie


Timeact has gathered a small number of Nordic psytrance warriors to create this great compilation. We call it "Northman Trance" - combined with Nordic myths they give us light and power on every dance floor!

Portamento - Selfie


Just like a self-referential selfie, this track emerges. With seamless cohesion, you'll once again be mercilessly bombarded with rapid bass sections coupled with wild synth parts. Off to the dance floor... But first, let me take a selfie!

Chrizzlix & Tophoo - Brain Orchestra

(Mind Void Remix)


Mind Void infuses a playful mix of epic staging and groovy melody into this track, creating a unique character that sets it apart. The title is aptly reflected in the orchestral synapse fireworks that are set off, making it an unparalleled experience.

DJingish Khan - Lupine Rush


Lupine Rush is an energetic dancefloor blaster with a groovy twist in between. Get ready for a psychedelic rush!

Timeact - Birds


Timeact is coming out with his fresh and groovy 2-track EP full of sunny vibes. Suddenly, you find yourself on the beaches of Goa surrounded by coconut trees while you look over the sea to admire the sunset. Completely unleashed, this deep Prog 'n' roll sound flies out of the speakers like a flock of birds. You stomp barefoot in the sand to the driving rhythm and enjoy the golden hour.

LoDran - Time Dilation


Time dilation is an effect described by the theory of relativity. Time dilation causes all internal processes of a physical system to proceed more slowly relative to the observer when that system moves relative to the observer. Exactly this state can be reached with the new track by LoDran. Lose yourself in the here and now, forget time & space and enjoy this driving, psychedelic journey!

Chrizzlix & Tophoo - Breathe (Hatikwa Remix)


Take a deep breath!


With his unmistakable style, Hatikwa breathes new life into this track and creates a depth that complements the melodic worlds of the original by Chrizzlix and Tophoo perfectly. Experience the revitalized version of this song with a fresh and unique twist.