Timeact - Birds


Timeact is coming out with his fresh and groovy 2-track EP full of sunny vibes. Suddenly, you find yourself on the beaches of Goa surrounded by coconut trees while you look over the sea to admire the sunset. Completely unleashed, this deep Prog 'n' roll sound flies out of the speakers like a flock of birds. You stomp barefoot in the sand to the driving rhythm and enjoy the golden hour.

LoDran - Time Dilation


Time dilation is an effect described by the theory of relativity. Time dilation causes all internal processes of a physical system to proceed more slowly relative to the observer when that system moves relative to the observer. Exactly this state can be reached with the new track by LoDran. Lose yourself in the here and now, forget time & space and enjoy this driving, psychedelic journey!

Chrizzlix & Tophoo - Breathe (Hatikwa Remix)


Take a deep breath!


With his unmistakable style, Hatikwa breathes new life into this track and creates a depth that complements the melodic worlds of the original by Chrizzlix and Tophoo perfectly. Experience the revitalized version of this song with a fresh and unique twist.

Portamento - La Revuelta


Stand Up! A revolutionary call to dance and freedom awaits you. It's time to break all boundaries and ignite the fire of freedom. Let's celebrate together the dissolution of all borders and start the revolution of dance and freedom. Carried by the relentlessly driving bass and the unmistakable ecstasy of Portamento, the message of longing, freedom, and living in harmony will be conveyed.

PsyFiction - Breath


Lean back, close your eyes and breath! Just breath in the positive energy, breathe out everything that makes you sick. Let it out. Feel the vibration of the mighty bassline of PsyFiction's new release, taking you from ultimate relaxation into sacred ecstasy! Inhale, exhale - a blend of pure and organic psychedelic sounds to help you breathe deeply and clear your mind.

Portamento - Brain Orchestra


The soaring violins, deep cellos, and thundering percussion in the remixed version showcase the duo's mastery of music production and their ability to take their artistry to new heights. Fans of the original track by Chrizzlix & Tophoo will undoubtedly appreciate this new interpretation that beautifully blends the old with their new project Portamento.

Chrizzlix & Tophoo - Horizons (OPIX Remix)


Again we are exploring new musical horizons. The unmistakable sound of OPIX is bringing some strong disco vibes to this deep melodic sound journey by Chrizzlix and Tophoo.

Portamento - Western Remedy


It's time to mount up and buff those boots, because Portamento's debut release is going to be a raucous ride. It tells a tale of the Wild West, with drunken cowboys, dubious laborers, and the wide open prairie. With Portamento's signature sound of groovy basslines and driving percussion, infused with sheer madness at a tempo of 160 bpm, no saloon has been able to resist the party.

Atopia - Fusion


Sun Department Records is proud to present 'Fusion' the fresh new 2-track EP by ATOPIA. Inspiration is the key to transport feelings. This EP was created right after ATOPIA visiting the legendary Fusion Festival in Germany. All emotions, experiences and memories that he was able to experience during these days finally merged into these tracks. Let the madness take over you!

Psymon & Goafunkel - Dancing With Tears in My Eyes


Check out the first funky fresh release of "Psymon & Goafunkel" - a funny new side project of Mind Void and Metaprog exclusive presented by Sun Department Records!

Omikron - Shamanic Cultures


"Shamanic Cultures" is the new track by Omikron. A massive bass-line paired with heavy psychedelic grooves and beautiful melodies will guide your way to the ancient and almost forgotten shamanic culture. Get ready to be taken on a mind expanding experience!

V.A. Sun Department Records - Best of 2022


We are happy to present a selection of Sun Department Records 'Best of 2022' Psychedelic - and Progressive Trance tracks featuring Chrizzlix, Timeact, Ktrina, Tophoo, Aesis Alien, Second Side, Tranonica, Capes, PsyFiction, LoDran and Affreqtic.