Affreqtic - Apathy


With this concept EP, Affreqtic processes his view of the major global problems of our time and demands a new collective level of consciousness. This 2-tracker is a highlight for all lovers of faster music! His style is a mixture of complex, darker sounds with melodic and emotional breaks with a cruising speed between 147 and 148 bpm.

Timeact - Luna Impact


Sun Department Records presents the second EP by Timeact, the nordic Viking from Hamburg! Driving basslines ride on a groovy beat attend by psychedelic soundscapes.

V.A. Recent Pieces


We are happy to present a selection of Sun Department Records "Best of 2020 and 2021" groovy Psy- and Progressive Trance tracks.

Woodkid - Run Boy Run

(7Rypta & Tophoo Remix)


Tophoo and his brother 7Rypta just released a little homage to an amazing production as FREE DOWNLOAD!

Capes & PsyFiction - Shangri-La


Taken adrift by the pulses of imagination. Into a dream world with no return. Stuck in the unknown space of Shangri-La. Capes and PsyFiction are dropping a very hot, full-on psychedelic, power house of an EP. This 2-tracker has hard night-time flavours inbound!

DJingis Khan - 50,000 Years


Sun Department Records presents the debut single from "DJINGIS KHAN", a German producer who is devoted on Future Prog and Psy-Trance. This bass-heavy, driving track, infused with perfectly timed emotional sequences, makes the dancers temporarily drop all worries of everyday life and let them enjoy the moment of joy!

Aesis Alien - Psyborg


Sun Department Records presents the new EP by "Aesis Alien" an Italian producer who is focused on melodic, progressive Psy-Trance. The first track "Psyborg" gives the name to this EP is an energetic journey into psychedelic melodies with random leads and hypnotic arps. The second track called "Psybot" is a way faster but always with signature of progressive sound spread by Aesis Alien. Get ready for take-off!

Tranonica - Imagine Tomorrow


Tranonica is back with four excellent pieces of music that will immerse you in his creative world. Take a deep breath and dive deep into the spheres of "Imagine Tomorrow" and let yourself go. Don't worry, this diverse soundscape that Tranonica has recreated will gently hug you and carry you as far as you allow.

Lumiax - Enter The Void


Lumiax is back with his new single 'Enter the Void'. The driving bassline rolls with 148 bpm, paired with crispy leads and moving soundscapes that bring the night hours to shimmering life.

Chrizzlix - Yuve Yuve Yu (Remix)


Enjoy this great remix of "The HU - Yuve Yuve Yu" remixed by Chrizzlix as free download!

Tophoo - Flow


Flow is a state of mind that we all want to reach in some way. When we flow, we are one with the things we love, that we do, and with ourselves. This track by Tophoo is about inducing the state of flow through power music and excessive dancing. Driven by a powerful bassline and analog synthesizer sounds glued together by melodic atmospheres, this song is a guarantee for a big ritual party on the dance floor.

Psyfiction - Narcotic Cultures


Psyfiction is back! Take a deep dive in a journey through the ancient cultures of our planet and immerse your ears in a world of psychedelic spirituality. Dreamy melodies, massive structures and gloomy, playful soundscapes take you straight into the colorful world of our narcotic cultures!

Psytrance Evolved Samplepack


This sample pack by Chrizzlix and Tophoo equips you with the ultimate weapon for modern Psytrance and Progressive Psytrance production. Consisting of complex melodic atmospheres, synthlines, synth shots, drums, drum loops, bass shots and bass loops, this pack is a must-have for every Psytrance sample library.