Omikron - Infinite Life
Omikron - Infinite Life
Timeact - Northern Nature
Timeact - Northern Nature


Tranonica - Revelations


It's time for another amazing EP by the creative producer Tranonica called "Revelations". This 4-track blaster is filled with highly saturated pure cosmic energy through which Tranonica show us once again how he do excellent things and play with psytrance music without limiting himself to one sub-genre or style! Be ready for massive twisted sounds, rolling powerful basslines and trully colorful arrangements.

Psyfiction - Dimensional Transformation


We proudly present the 10th release of Psyfiction on Sun Department Records:  “Dimensional Transformation“ - it describes the insertion of new genetic material into a supergravity hyperspace to create a new species! This brand new release leads you through a colorful and psychedelic world!

Capes - Chronology


This EP from Capes is his debut release on Sun Department Records and combines two tracks with the elements of the cosmos. Taking you on a journey through space and time. Filled with future sounds, driving basslines and psychedelic artifacts. This production inspires the study of time. - Chronology

Affreqtic - Melancholia


The combination of this sensitive self-reflection and the exciting desire to express this special joy through dancing is the intention of Affreqtic's new psytrance EP. Like its previous releases, it will be an epic, psychedelic journey and invite people on dance floors worldwide to participate in this thoughtful joy and carry it into the world as the collective and necessary strength of humanity.

LoDran - Trippin


LoDrans second EP guides you through a three staged musical trip into a psychedelic wonderland. Starting the trip with the come up on magic mushrooms, the following tracks accompany you with their energic and psychedelic sounds through the full trip, until you are ready to enter the pathway to other dimensions!

V.A. Spheres of Life


“Spheres of Life“ is the first creatively arranged compilation by Finndus. The idea was to skillfully connect pumping and melodic progressive psytrance day sound and crisp & clear psychedelic night sound. It‘s to show the paralleled relationship between the broad spectrum of Psychedelic Trance and the spheres of life. Thirteen artists from across Europe were hooked by the idea and transformed their thoughts into sound!

PsyFiction - Catnip Overdose


Sun Department is proud to present the new, fantastic EP by Psyfiction! Call it „meowtastic“ or simple „PsyFiction style“: an overdose of catnip is often intoxicating and euphoric for some time. Listening to this 5-track EP can cause side effects: you could react to the active ingredients with purr and roll around with relish or stomping all over the floor!

Acidmoon - Three Hundred


Sun Department Records present “Three Hundred“, the latest work of Acidmoon - a progressive Psytrance project by Maurizio Secchi. This two-tracker shows the result of his sound research: Acidmoon ignites an explosive charge and take you into his world of cinematic sound scapes!


Triggster - The Flying Triskel Dragon


Triggster stands for melodic, psychedelic, driving sound and it's the psytrance debut of Ole Knuth. We dont want to lose words anymore because the music should speak for itself, so pants up! Tie your shoes and enjoy the flight with 147-150 bpm Psytrance for the night!


LoDran - Symbiosis


Sun Department presents the debut release by LoDran! This three track EP lets you dive into a journey of man and machine. Beginning with the rise of the machines, the story leads into a conflict between man and machine, which ends in a symbiosis in form of a common organism – a cyborg!