DJ | Producer | Live Act

Style: Psy-Trance


Timeact is the Psy-Trance music project led by Vincent Hollstein, a young and talented artist hailing from Hamburg. Since 2011, he has been actively involved as a DJ, producer, and organizer of the renowned underground event series "Nordic Rave."


Timeact is synonymous with driving beats and psychedelic sounds. In 2020, he made a significant mark with his debut EP, "Northern Nature," released on Sun Department Records. This groundbreaking release transported listeners to a long-forgotten era, combining Nordic medieval sounds with orchestral breaks, resulting in an uplifting and progressive psychedelic trance experience. Subsequently, many of his releases have achieved remarkable success, consistently charting well on all major platforms.


In his live performances, Timeact adds an extra layer of depth by incorporating his guitar skills. With unwavering devotion, he plays groovy riffs that seamlessly complement his sophisticated productions. Behind the decks, he exudes a palpable passion for electronic music, captivating the audience with authentic psychedelic sounds.