DJ | Producer | Label Manager

STYLE: Psychedelic Trance


Psyfonic has been active as DJ and producer for more than half of his life. Psy-Trance is more than a passion, it's his way of life! You can see and feel it when he's on stage to bring the best quality music to the dancing crowd. In 2013 he founded his own label Sun Department Records together with Chrizzlix to provide a platform for talented artists to fulfill their shared dream of releasing high quality Psy-Trance music. He spread his music at trance gatherings like Fusion Festival, Psychedelic Circus, Desert Dance Festival, Indian Spirit, Bachblyten Festival, Zurück zu den Wurzeln, Shining Festival and many more... With his powerful sets, Psyfonic take up the motto of the respective dance event in order to tell a story that takes the audience on a journey full of psychedelic and driving sounds. There is nothing more beautiful to get in trance on the dancefloor!