LiveAct & DJ (Head of Sun Department Rec.)


STYLE: Psychedelic Trance / Nightpsy


Chrizzlix, born and raised in Hamburg, Germany. Audio-Engineer, founder of Sun Department Records and one part of the "Dirty Psytrance" duo "Binary Function". Since the early days of organizing psychedelic events the interest in music and not just parties and people became stronger. Hence after some time of DJ'ing he began producing the sound himself. He is now after lots of studio work on tour with his Live Project which cannot be pigeonholed and always delivers sonic diversity. And what defines his style is that he doesn't follow any specific stylistic rules. The distinctive spacey tranced out stylings of Chrizzlix's sound design with its heavy driving bass lines are taking you into new sonic territory.
Since the launch of his Live project he has been visiting mayor festivals like Indian Spirit, Psychedelic Circus, Bachblyten, Orange-Sun, New Healing or Desert Dance. Wherever Chrizzlix appears he fascinates crowds and gets the dancefloors to vibrate with his pulsating sound concepts.





  • Planetary Motion (EP) --- Triptychon Records (2013)
  • Walk The Lune (EP) --- Sun Department Records (2015)
  • Chaos Theory (EP) --- Geomagnetic (2015)
  • Purple Dimension (EP) --- Sun Department Records (2016)
  • Flying Monkeys (EP) --- Sun Department Records (2016)
  • Illuminati (EP) - Nutek America (2016)
  • Masakali (EP) - Nutek America (2017)


 Tracks and Remixes on Compilations:

  • Invisible Handcuffs: Full Activity --- Sun Department Records (2013)
  • Head Blow: Sun Department Vol.1 --- Sun Department Records (2014)
  • Acid Effects: Sun Department Vol.2 --- Sun Department Records (2014)
  • We're Young: Dipavali --- Sun Department Records (2015)
  • The Assault: Sun Department Vol.3 --- Sun Department Records (2015)
  • It depends on you - Sun Department Vol.4 - Sun Department Records (2017)