Style: Psychedelic & Progressive Trance


Finndus is a Psytrance project of „Finn Kienbaum“ who grew up in Kiel, northern Germany. He fell in love with Psytrance at the age of 15. He then joined the first scene parties. All that fascinated him so much, that he started to collect the music that he loved very soon.


First he only played for himself or at small unofficial parties. In 2015 he began to play at major events around germany like Optical Irritation, Circus Maximus, Bionic Cycle, Klangkontakt, Terra Nova, Holographic Universe, Illumination, Elbelfen, Northern Experience, Habitat Festival, Shining Festival, Orange Sun Festival, Zurück zu den Wurzeln Festival, Hexentanz Festival, Dragon Dance Festival, Bachblyten Festival and many more. In 2016 he organized an underground outdoor party series called „Psychedelic Sunrise OA“. In October 2016 he started an indoor party project in Kiel together with some friends of the scene, named „LeikTribe“. 


Finndus is now an established DJ of the psytrance scene and signed under „Sun Department Records“ (Hamburg). In the middle of the Year 2016, he started a DJ collaboration named "Petterson&Finndus" together with Johan. As DJ he is known to always have the right sound for the right party in his continuously updated case.