LiveAct & DJ


Style: Psychedelic Trance / NightPsy

OctoGoat is a project from Dustin V.
He was born in Mönchengladbach - Germany and he also raised up there. He started his music career in age of 15 as a electric guitar player in a Hardcore Punk band. In 2013 he visited his first PsyTrance Party and was infected by the amazing vibe of Psychedelic Trance.

As a musician he realised really fast that he also wants to get creative in this genre of music. After some gigs as a DJ he had the idea to combine his knowledge in playing guitar and Psychedelic Trance.  The "OctoGuitar" sound is composed of strong powerchords and impulsive lead parts. Since this idea the guitar has become his trademark. He loves leads you into the early morning hours and build soundbridges from powerfull FullOn to hypnotising NightPsy. He has a sense of playing the right tracks at the right time and lead the crowd trough a real journey! Since two Years OctoGoat is also Producing his own interpretation of Psychedelic Trance and he works hard for his first live set.




 Tracks and Remixes on Compilations: